Still Life

8 06 2008

Here she goes again…

Yep, I’ve joined another photo group. But this time I’m worried I’m not up for the challenge. It’s a still life week long challenge started by Martha. Critiquing is encourage, which is great but scares me a little. Also a good still life usually isn’t stumbled upon. Especially in my lego ridden, over crowded little home. As I walked around today looking for a suitable shot I realized I wasn’t at all happy with the state of my house. There wasn’t even a good clear area to create a still life. Every surface is covered in clutter and I had no desire to photograph clutter or the plethora of toys that make up much of the clutter. The macro challenge was easy because I was just focusing on the one element of a close up shot. The food group is a little harder because I have a limited subject and trust me when I say you don’t always want to see what I eat. But still life involves multiple techniques, larger areas and infinite subject matter. All making for a design traffic jam in my head.

We’ll see how it goes. I promise they won’t all be of food using my macro. This one just clicked for me. Check out the other participants photos here. There are some amazing shots.




5 responses

9 06 2008
Anna Y

Your place sounds like mine. ;D

9 06 2008

I also wanted to particitape in the STILL challenge but I don’t think that I will have the time this week! I was looking at my little loft and I said to myself…maybe not this one ;) I will however look at all the pretty pictures from the group. Have fun with your challenge (it’s just a game). xox

9 06 2008

Where do you find all these photo challenges? I was looking for one at the begining of the month. Now maybe a weekly one. TIA
Nice colors in your photo.

14 06 2008

I think your photos are always lovely, and I can relate to the looking around the house and being unhappy with its state of being uuuugghh. I signed up for still too but it’s just not happening.

18 06 2008
Lil' d

I don’t think it would be possible to create much still life around here. Even if I could find a calm spot, I’d probably still have a toddler hanging off my leg, making the shot blurred…

I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures – your macro hots were great.

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