100th Post Giveaway

18 06 2008

Miss me? I decided a 100th post deserved some reflection. You know, things like do I want to continue blogging and am I achieving the goals I set out to. In the end the answer is yes and so much more. What I need to do is find a better balance between reading other blogs and keeping up on my own posts. Not to mention flickr. I’m a flickr addict and need to control that a bit more. I’ve been rather surprised at the number of friendships that have resulted from joining this online community. I absolutely love it but I need to keep a grip or I’ll loose site of my original intent of creative motivation.

So, in honor of my 100th post and decision to keep moving forward – a giveaway! It’s not my best work and not my worst but I had fun making it. Ever since I saw Kathy’s post on Art Projects for Kids I was dying to try my hand at this. I love projects that combine digital photos with other media. Who cares if the original project was meant for kids? I want to try several more of these but I’ve decided to give this one away. It’s a digital pic of a float plane getting ready to take off from Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. I’ve altered/enhanced/added on top of and surrounding the pic with watercolor painting. I’m quite a novice when it comes to watercolor and in fact this is my first real go with watercolor pencils and sticks. So if you’re interested, leave a comment on this post by end of day Tuesday, the 24th of June and I will randomly select a winner. Your comment can be as simple as “pick me!” but what I’d really like to know is what do you want to see more of on this site? Projects, tutorials, kid stuff, recipes… you name it. Alternately, you could let me know what posts I’ve done that you like the most. I’m very intrigued. Let me know.




27 responses

18 06 2008

WoW!!! What talent! Please enter moi…

18 06 2008

What a neat creation! I like it.

I enjoy seeing all the posts on your blog but especially crafts to do with the kids… the build your own flowers felt board and others have inspired me. Thanks.

18 06 2008

WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can’t believe it’s your first “go” at watercolors. Great job!!!!!!

18 06 2008
Mary Jenkins

i love this! and yes, more tutorials, please!

18 06 2008

absolutely fabulous!! wow!woman of many talents. Give me, give me.

18 06 2008
Karin A.

Very nice!! I love it.

18 06 2008

Love it!! Please enter me too!!!

18 06 2008

Pick me! I say more tutorials – never can have too many tutorials.

18 06 2008

That’s really beautiful! I am making a note of this as a possible art project to do with my students (I’m an art teacher). Thanks!

18 06 2008
Johannah B

Considering that I am not an artist, and couldn’t do that at all… I think it’s wonderful.

18 06 2008
Kam A

Very pretty!! Thank you for the giveaway!

18 06 2008
Shelly G.

It is beautiful… Congratulations on your 100th Post :)

18 06 2008

I am often inspired by your photos, and creative-idea posts like this one! I love seeing what other people are up to with their art, and this looks like an idea I would have fun with too!
We crossed paths during the macro challenge, so those posts are probably my favorites.

18 06 2008
painted fish studio

congrats on 100 posts! here’s to 100 more (i’m raising my wine glass…)!

19 06 2008
Anna Y

wow happy one hundred posts. will toast it with a g&t later (at 2 pm it is a little too early for a tipple…) what a beautiful mixed media piece, anna. um i like all the ideas you give me for projects with little miss i am not eating the crayons, felt pieces, or licking paint girl. your photography is awsome too. thanks for a fab read. :D

19 06 2008
Kari Follett

Very pretty, thank you!!

19 06 2008

I like your caterpillar center piece!! Always love to see what you are working on.

19 06 2008

Yeah to 100! And yeah to the beautiful photo in Duluth!

19 06 2008

love it. love the blog too, I like the fact that it isn’t just one thing that you blog about, I never know what will be on next!
And yes, I am a slacker about posting comments, I must try harder…..

20 06 2008


21 06 2008

Oh I just love that beautiful piece of art you created. I would love to be entered in your giveaway, oh happy 100th post by the way, I adore your blog

21 06 2008
Karen R

Congrats on your 100th post! Please enter me. I like kid’s stuff and recipes.

23 06 2008

Yes congratulations! And if you figure out the whole balance thing re: blogging, flickr browsing, reading other blogs etc. let me know!! Please!! I think your variety of posts is nice. I think you should post about whatever you feel like posting. Sometimes creative motivation can be found in going back over your posts and seeing patterns in your thinking or projects, etc. I started blogging to keep in touch with family and friends and it has grown into so much more.
Oh and p.s. Pick Me, Pick Me!!

23 06 2008

Congratulations on 100. I love seeing pictures of the kids. I love the way you write about your craft projects. They inspire me even though I am not crafty at all. I have attempted some of the kids crafts with the children at my church. You have such a respect for nature, it is easy to add an inspirational message with your craft projects. You are such a blesssing.

24 06 2008

Hi, The picture is lovely!!

24 06 2008
Carol Vr

I love recipes and crafts. Keep er coming.

24 06 2008

Congratulations on your 100th post! Your blog, and others like it, is the kick I need to let the house get a bit messier in order to spend time getting messy with my girls. Thank you!

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