Very 1st Painting Lessons

22 06 2008

I’m often impatient waiting for my kids to reach an appropriate stage to do x, y or z. It’s not that I want them to grow up faster, logically I know better. It’s just that I can’t wait to share more of my life with them and to expose them to all the possibilities the world has to offer. So I often go through daily internal struggles over the silliest of things. I feel this way with art, especially painting. I know Eleanor’s not ready to paint, but I am. So here’s my plan: break it down and expose her to one tiny element at a time. So far we’ve played with a variety of papers, touching them, crinkling them, tearing them. I’ve also let her play with dry paint brushes to her hearts content. I make available a variety of sizes to feel, carry and rearrange. At 13 months I now felt she was ready for the next step. Perfect for a warm day, we broke out the paint brushes, “no spill” paint cups and ……. WATER.

The paint brush immediately went into her mouth and then she painted her legs and the sidewalk until the water was nearly gone and the 21 month old neighbor boy decide he needed a turn. I remember Seth “painting” everything in sight when he was about 2. He loved to mimic Paddington in one of his books and paint the chairs with water. Even older kids enjoy painting pictures on the sidewalk, knowing it will soon dry and disappear.

Before the end of the summer I plan on stripping her down and letting her have a go at finger painting. But for now, I’m satisfied.



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23 06 2008

Painting with water is one of our favourite summer activities too! I love it because I have two busy girls for at least half an hour. They love it because it involves water and paintbrushes.

I also liked your caterpillar house. Why is it when I actually want to find a caterpillar there’s none to be found?

23 06 2008
Anna Y

Thank you for an idea for a how to with painting. I never thought of that. I was going to go finger painting first rather than the brushes. Past the everything in the mouth stage. Seeing that I am not the world’s best painter, there are not many brushes… But I do have a few calligraphy brushes etc. I know just the piece of pavement we could paint on (and the neighbours, cleaners, security guards and any one else who lives/works here) can think that I am one really mad whitie. :D Eleanor is looking so much bigger and sweeter.

24 06 2008

Painting and mess making are always fun! She’s so cute with her chubby little hands holding that paintbrush so daintily!

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