Pounded Flower Shirt

25 06 2008

Following Jen’s fern printing tutorial and taking a cue from Spring Thinking I pounded out this shirt a couple weeks back. I had a bouquet that was past it’s prime just screaming for me try. Once I had exhausted the viable flowers from the bouquet I was hungry for more. So I raided the herb garden for some chives. I placed a paper towel covered board between the two layers of fabric and more paper towel on top of the flowers and bashed away to my hears content. Boy did my eyes water when I was pounding those chives! I had a lot of fun and even let Seth take a whack. I still want to try ferns but I think other plants in the garden warrant a try as well. Next time I’ll remember to place a towel under the whole thing a lot sooner. Luckily there were no holes but there was a bit of discoloration on the side facing the patio blocks. Oops!

Once all was said and done I actually liked the back of the shirt the best. Also, after washing, the chives held up the best. The flower portion has faded somewhat but not the blades. The Gerbia’s from the bouquet did fade a bit but still are recognizable. I wonder if the result would have been different had I used flowers that were fresher.



6 responses

26 06 2008

The back is fabulous, well so is the front too! But I really like the effect you got in the back. And it never occurred to me to put glitter on contact paper until I read your post about the glitter cards – brilliant!

26 06 2008
painted fish studio

i like the chives!

26 06 2008

I like the back best too. Your kids are lucky to have such a creative, fun mom.

27 06 2008

Hi, I’m a new friend…
You’re so creative. I like your blog, interesting!
I know it from Shelly’s blog.

30 06 2008

What a fun idea. I’ll have to try that one. The shirt turned out great! Does the plant dye run in the washer and will it get on other clothing?

8 07 2008

oh wow i love it! I am going to have to do that really soon!

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