Hierloom Baby Clothing

29 06 2008

Normally when I think heirloom baby clothing I would think of things like bonnets, christening gowns and hand knit sweaters. However, times are a changin’. While we do have adorable bonnets that were handed down, I’m so happy my mother saved this little dragon t-shirt from my childhood. Does it tell you anything about how I was raised?

That’s right, a green batik dragon. Probably circa 1971 purchased at the Ewing Art Festival in Illinois. It’s actually got me rethinking my big push over the last several months to get rid of all the baby clothes the kids have already grown out of. I hope it’s not too late and I still have a few good pieces I can keep.

Are you keeping anything? Was anything kept for you or if you’ve got them, your children? What was special to you?



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29 06 2008
Anna Y

the tunics i made for ct’s first wardrobe are pretty special as well as the pinafores that you see on flickr. the pick of her wardrobe would be her kimono which she can wear until she is three.

30 06 2008

I love the dragon T-shirt! I pack away my favorite T-shirts, shirts & sweaters for Ryder. Hoping someday someone else can wear them too. I also stash his favorite (and my favorite) blankies and baby toys.

30 06 2008
painted fish studio

very cool t-shirt! i can’t believe your mom saved it for so long!

1 07 2008

I would so wear that!!

1 07 2008

Cute, cute!! And yes, save everything. If not handed down as actual wearable pieces they can be incorporated into quilts. My mom told me that the madras plaid quilt on my flickr/blog was made in 1969 from play clothes that my brother and I used to wear.

1 07 2008

oh, I have boxes for each of my three packed away, not of all their clothes, just the favorites and the “special” stuff…I almost feel guilty for hoarding them but I’ve actually been thinking about making a quilt for each child out of their things( or maybe their first child…)…but who knows, maybe they’ll actually be worn again…great tee!

2 07 2008
Shelly G.

That helps me to remember to save some of the everday favorites and not just the fancy stuff…Thank you for reminding us:)

2 07 2008
Shelly G.

I am so glad we actually communicated. I tried today to send an email to the account on your About me page. Maybe if you email the email address… gmail will finally work for us… grrhh… I hope you have a great 4th… :)

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