Painting on a Picture

2 07 2008

I just have to say I have one of the greatest friends EVER. Approximately 6 times a year this amazing woman not only has a party but a pARTy. Not only does she take the time to clean her house and pick up some nibbles to entertain us but she also organizes an art project for us to work on. I know this takes a tremendous amount of effort as I’ve thought through hosting one myself. She’s got to come up with a project, make samples, purchase and often prepare the materials and then patiently wait for us to catch on to whatever it is she’s showing us. This month it was painting with acrylics on a digital photo. We each supplied our own digital photos that she laser printed out for us. Then following her lead we created amazing pieces. Here are the two piece I did. On the left is the photo I used, the right is what I did with it, description beneath each piece.

This lovely penstemon sits in my native prairie garden like it’s been there forever when in fact I planted it last spring. Image mounted on wood block. Negative space painted out with green, flower petals left untouched. Strip of aspen added to side as an accent piece.

Image of an out building at my CSA farm. Image also mounted to a wood block. This time I painted over the teal and coral colors to make them pop. I liked how using the same color for the flowers, window boxes and door tied it all together.

I was a little nervous about working with acrylics as it was yet another new experience for me. But it was easier than I expected. See Jen’s fab tutorial to do one of your own or to check out what the others in the group did.




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3 07 2008
painted fish studio

you’re so kind! i just loved everyone’s pieces. it’s so fun to have everyone over and to watch them create. i love that you put up “before” and “after”, it really shows how much work you put into the pieces. i’m so glad you’ve been a part of pARTy for all these years!!!

3 07 2008
Anna Y

These are amazing and I have to say I prefer your altered versions, as you said the acrylics really enhance the photos. Boy do I envy your pARTys but at the same time enjoy seeing what Jen prepares for you. She is awesome and so modest too. Also been tempted to host a make something similar type thing but can cheat with the multipurpose hall in the apartment complex.

3 07 2008

that jen sure is something:)
I really like the flower one -the green makes the purple pop. the color looks completely different in the original!

5 07 2008

Incredible! I truly thought you painted the flowers in the first example. The green makes them look painted too, and the strip of aspen makes it even more interesting. What fun! I want to go to Jen’s pARTys!!

8 07 2008

That is such a great idea! The pARTy as well as the project! I love it!

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