Getting Things Started

5 07 2008

Not much finishing going on here, but I’m starting a few ventures that I’m excited about. So I thought I would share. Maybe you’ll be interested in playing along with some of them:

  1. I’ve signed up for Scent of Water’s July photo swap. The theme is “In Motion”. I have to come up with at least one good photo depicting motion to send to my swap partner. Smoothpebble and I have been having fun coming up with potential photo ops for the theme. The last day to sign up for the swap is July 7th so there’s still time if you’re interested.
  2. I’ve also joined Necessary Chocolate’s summer reading program. I mean really, kid’s shouldn’t have all the fun. It takes barely any commitment but I’m hoping it’s that little extra kick I need to read something other than blogs this summer (no offense). Go check out the great little chart she made. There are even stickers! Download and print to play along. If you want to be official leave a comment on her post as well, but not required. The chart is full of little reading suggestions, my favorite being “quit reading a book that you don’t like”. Silly, I know. But it’s like she’s just given me permission to stop reading this awful book that I’ve been half way through forever. See! It’s already working.
  3. I’ve also started giving some serious though to my unofficial participation in My Cosmopolitan Diary’s Summer Sac Swap. You see, I joined up with overmilkwood after the official close to be swap partners. She’ll be in England and Ireland this summer and thinks the American midwest sounds “exotic”. Really a perfect match as I think anywhere in GB is romantic. They have castles over there for crying out loud! My current pondering has been on what kind of bag to make. So many possibilities: fused plastic, crocheted nylon or cotton, knitted plastic, sewn fabric…. The possibilities are endless. I could always felt another bag, but I’ve never been good with repeat projects no matter how much I like them. I usually have to try something new. Besides, it doesn’t seem very summery. Since I’ve been feeling a huge need for more bags around here I just may need to make some up as samples.
  4. I’m also gearing up for a certain 4th birthday party, but more on that later.



3 responses

7 07 2008

Oh, I like this motion photo! Watcha makin??

7 07 2008

I joined the scent of water’s photo swap too!
It always helps to have a challenge!

7 07 2008

I can’t believe seth is going to be four! was the ball party just last year?

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