7 07 2008

Recently Jen over at ScissorsPaperGlue saw fit to share the wealth of some old photos. Note the one on the bottom left. What she sent me was based on my comments and I find them lovely. I wonder though, how did she know we did a “photo shoot” of Eleanor a couple weeks ago sitting in her great grandmother’s rocking chair:




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8 07 2008
painted fish studio

jen just has that special sense!

9 07 2008
Sarah Salo

I wanted to leave a comment under the “Save the Planet” category (because I am prone to categories), but I didn’t know if you would see it [I’m a blogging virgin – not sure how this crazy thing works]. So, pretend I am replying to your Flor endeavors:

My mom sent me this link today:

instead of trashing the cut-offs, they sell remnants of fantastic fabric manufacturers – Knoll, Kravet, Maharam, etc – at huge discounts off the trade yardage pricing. Some are multiple yards, some just inches, but how lovely to have enough for an awesome Ray Eames throw pillow…

I saw it and thought “Anna”.

Does this mean I have blogged? Or have I just posted? Or have I done neither? I’m a little light headed.

9 07 2008

Thanks for your nice words on my blog! (again, I love yours!)

23 08 2008
Jen b

that is sososo crazy but i love the coincedence. great picture of you wee one by the way.

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