Toadstool Swap

16 07 2008

Look at all the goodies I got from Sara at allabouteden! She rocks. Postcards, vintage buttons, swatches, strawberry softie and two, count them, TWO toadstools. I really should take some better pictures so you can see all the lovely attention to detail that she gave them. One is ingeniously on a stick and has found a home in one of my house plants. I just love that because I was seriously wondering what I was going to do with a toadstool softie.

Personally, I think I flaked a little. I did complete my toadstool but it lacks creativity. I pretty much followed the directions. Nothing more, nothing less.

I had wanted to use all re-purposed fabrics and succeeded with the stem (old pair of jeans) and the vintage buttons on top but failed on the rest. The colors I had in my stash just didn’t add up. Additionally, I had wanted to add detachable bugs. Or rather, three sneaky bugs to be exact. (I know, kind of corny.) Unfortunately, I ran out of time. The whole project just reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve sewn anything. I think I need to practice on some of my own stuff before I force it on other poor unsuspecting souls.

Wanna make your own? Try the tutorial over at LucyKate Crafts. Or go see some of the amazing work that’s shown up in the toadstool flickr pool. Personally, I think I’ll stick to these beauties from now on:




5 responses

17 07 2008

Oh that’s a great flickr pool and I like your ‘shroom with it’s jaunty button!

17 07 2008
painted fish studio

wow, what a fun package to receive! it’s good to get happy mail. i like your toadstool — i think you’re being too critical!

17 07 2008

Holy cow! Did you rake it in or what?? I think your toadstool turned out great, and I agree with Jen! I really like the fabric on top.

18 07 2008
Anna Y

You are being way too hard on yourself about your swap. Lovely mushroom and what a swap haul!!

23 07 2008

Get out, I love your little toadstool, it is adorable. The fabric on top is so fab!!

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