Wolf Ridge ELC

21 07 2008

In addition to hiking at Tettegouche State Park we did some phenomenal activities at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center over a long weekend. Here’s a taste:

The Ropes Course – a 6 section course way the hell up there ending in a zip line to the ground. Click here to see a short 12 picture slide show of me, hubby, sis and even Seth doing sections of this course. There’s also a pic of Eleanor trying to get in on the action. The course is basically a series of height and balance challenges to cross sections of wire or wood beams. Please don’t ask why.

More hiking – can’t get enough

Learning about Ojibwe life back in the 1700s. We learned how to make rope, brew raspberry tea and start a fire without matches. I hope to tell you more about those things over the next few days. We also learned about the summer house and the winter house for the Native Americans in the region over 200 year ago. This is a picture of Seth listening intently to a story his Auntie was telling him about the Windigo. Today there is a thriving Ojibwe culture in Minnesota and I enjoyed learning more about the heritage of some of my friends.

Rock climbing – WAY harder than it looks

Checking out the inflatable planetarium – rather boring to look at from the outside but filled with wonder on the inside.

If you just can’t get enough of me and my family see my northshore flickr set for these and a few other photos from the trip.

I HIGHLY recommend the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center for those looking for an educational nature experience. They have teen camps, family camps, college programs, intergenerational elder hostels, you name it. Great for kids who have outgrown campy camps and are looking for something with more challenge to it. I completely intend to bring the family back as “official” campers once the kids are a bit older. The ideal age range? 8 to 88 or there’s abouts.




8 responses

21 07 2008

Thanks for sharing all the great photos! That looks like a great memory-making vacation! The ropes course certainly looks exhilarating!!! I’m not sure I could have that much fun!

22 07 2008
Anna Y

Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Can’t wait to hear about more adventures. :D

22 07 2008

Sounds like so much fun! But the tightrope thing looks way too scary. Aughh!

22 07 2008
painted fish studio

it looks like you had an amazing weekend! i’ll add it to my list of places i’d like to go…

22 07 2008

This looks wondrously cool!

I have a list building, in the back of my head, of all the things we’ll do “that year” when I take my kids out into the plains – I lived for 10 years in Grand Forks and want my kids to experience it too. You’ve just added Wolf Ridge to my list, because obviously we have to do Minnesota as well “that year.” :)

22 07 2008

I have now moved this to the top of my family vacations list. Looks like you had a great time. Seriously, you need to check out family vacation at The College of the Atlantic. It looks like your family would love it.

22 07 2008
Shelly G.

Wow… that looks like so much fun… My whole family would love it there… It is a beautiful place:)

22 07 2008
Shelly G.

Wow… that looks like so much fun… My whole family would love it there… It is a beautiful place:) You pictures are so great…

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