Making Fire

24 07 2008

Ever started a fire without a match? I hadn’t until this last weekend. It was so cool. I was utterly astonished that I did it. Using only the items shown below: birch bark, frayed twine, char cloth, flint & steel

I unraveled a 3″ piece of twine and placed it on a piece of birch bark. On top of which I placed a small 1″ or so square of char cloth.

Char cloth catches a spark easily so this is where I aimed when striking the flint against the steel.

Once a spark catches on the char cloth I folded the birch bark in half like a taco and blew gently. Here’s my sis giving it a go. Can you see the smoke coming out the end? First the frayed twine catches then the bark.
At that point we placed it on a pile of tinder and got a good blaze going.

Can you believe I made that without modern conveniences? I’m still astonished. Now I feel I need to purchase a flint & steel as well as make some char cloth before our next camping trip.




2 responses

24 07 2008

Wow! That is very impressive, Survivor Girl!

25 07 2008

very cool!

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