30 07 2008

Seriously! Look at what Jackie from Smoothpebble sent me!!! From top left, clockwise:

  • Card by Seasprayblue (I really want to order one of her prints)
  • A fabulous seedpod. I love these but have never owned one. Does anyone know what flower it comes from? It’s inspiring me to start a nature drawer/box/shelf/something.
  • A pressed Dusty Miller leaf lovingly sewed onto a card.
  • A nifty cut out of said Dusty Miller – I have always loved the structure and fuzz of this little plant.
  • Are you wondering yet what’s in that cool little hand printed box on the bottom left? It’s the best part – hand embroidered wool felt cuffs:

And they fit just perfectly. (I was smart this time and put the bracelet on my left wrist while I took the pictures with my right. Very unlike last time I took a picture of a bracelet on and ended up dropping my camera down 4 cement steps. No, it never recovered.)

I mean really, how can you not love these? I just need to find the perfect tops to wear with each of them. This may require shopping as I’m not liking my wardrobe right now. (Good excuse, aye?)

Crafty mail rocks!!!

OK, better go decide on what photo to mail out tomorrow for the Scent of Water Photo Swap. Or maybe I should go to bed? Nay.



8 responses

30 07 2008

What a great treat, very fun mail! Gorgeous embroidered felt cuffs! I will look forward to see the new outfit to go with them. And it was interesting, but tragic, to hear the story about your last camera. Good luck with your photo choice. I couldn’t choose, so I just mailed 5 of them, if that idea helps you out!

31 07 2008
Anna Y

Ah so is that what happened to your last camera?? Lovely cuffs. I have to admit that I wear everything on my right wrist too, but that’s so I don’t loose my right… Lovely mail. Isn’t Smoothpebble simply fab??

31 07 2008
Anna Y

Oh have you seen the giveaway on Soule Mama’s blog?? I thought of you when I saw it.

31 07 2008
painted fish studio

woot! i got a great package from her, too! she’s a good egg.

1 08 2008

I am going to get my daughter going making some of those cuffs right away! Too cute!

1 08 2008

Thanks for the great comments on my site! I got lazy with food when I was pregnant too and it took a couple months for my daughter to bounce back to eating how she normally did. Hopefully I won’t do that next time because it was a pain! I am excited to see your site, the rocket ship party looks awesome :)

3 08 2008
Brook Owens

the cuffs are cute.

8 08 2008

I’m so glad you liked your package! The seedpod is from a water lily plant. We just happened to go canoeing during the right season to collect a bunch of these from.

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