Old Friends and New(ish) Nieghbors

3 08 2008

We’ve had a wonderful weekend including not one, but two picnics. It started with a fairly impromptu bike ride with the neighbors to a new play area at Minnehaha Park called Wabun Picnic Area. Love it! All locals with kids should go. There’s a playground and a wonderful zero clearance wading pool with an arched fountain feature for the kids to run under and bubblers (for lack of a better term) spraying out of the ground. It was sunny and very hot, but that was entirely mitigated by the freezing water in the pool. Interestingly another family a couple doors down thought it was a great idea that day as well. We had some very happy, very tired kids by the end.

Today was an even better treat. We got together with some long lost friends. For that matter they’re the oldest friends we have in Minnesota. Not age wise, but length of time wise. Funny how over time you can loose touch with someone just from lack of trying. Not on purpose, life just pulls your attention elsewhere. I think for us it was a combination of them having babies before us and us having a… well, shall I say, rather needy dog. Although I miss my old troublemaker dog tremendously, her passing last fall has opened up this huge door of opportunity for us. They say kids tie you down, but mine are nothing compared to this Shepard. Hmmm… I seem to have gotten off track. The point is we were able to reconnect again with some dear friends. Even though the rain clouds kept threatening us there was kayaking, eating, conversation, swinging, tag and duck watching. Sigh, I’m very content right now.




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4 08 2008

Hi…… Thanks for leaving a comment in Flickr I’m glad the photos arrived safely I was very nervous about this swap sooooo many talented people. X Leanne

4 08 2008
Anna Y

Your weekend sounds like it was tons of fun. We have similar sorts of fun as well. Love, love that I have a really good excuse to climb, slide etc all over kids play forts!! Oh and swings.. I really don’t know who has more fun. :D

4 08 2008

can you believe how alike seth and O are?!? it’s scary really….
I’m fast forwarding about 10 years and envisioning something to do with fire, explosions and the basement….

5 08 2008

We love the Wabun Picnic Area. They also added frisbee golf and let it be known, I’m quite bad at it. The picnic area has been there for years, actually, but the city just spend a bucket load of money fixing it up. And they did a darn nice job. Go and enjoy!

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