National Night Out

5 08 2008

Look what showed up at our block party! A HUGE dump truck. All the kids took turns sitting in it and honking the horn. As if that wasn’t enough, our generous neighbor hired the ice cream man for the night. Nice! I had seconds. There was also a fab blow up slide and tons of sidewalk chalk and paint. It’s too dark out now to show you the final creations but trust me it’s something to behold.

I really believe it’s important to get to know your neighbors for so many reasons including reduced crime and, sometimes more importantly, who is now of age to babysit.




2 responses

6 08 2008
painted fish studio

dang! there was one block in my whole hood that did the national night out thing (and it wasn’t mine). i saw their block blocked off when i was on the way home from work… so i immediately leashed up the dogs and walked the 5 blocks up and over, hoping to meet the people on that block as we walked by… but it was too late and they had moved inside. i’m bummed out that more blocks in my hood didn’t take part. and i didn’t get a single lick of ice cream. maybe i should move to minneapolis?

6 08 2008
Anna Y

Looks like fun. Funny how blocks can mean different things. Here it is usually a building with about 135 households (though there are houses here). Ice cream and drawing on the street. Fantastic. Wish national day here did similar things.

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