Playing Construction

12 08 2008

I’m really loving Seth’s imaginative play lately. It often allows me to participate as much or as little as I desire. Best done when he has a friend over I just set the stage. Here’s a recent example:

Seth & a friend were playing dress up as construction workers. It could have ended there but I suggested they draw up building plans:

Then I gave them each a bucket to gather tools:

I love how creative they got here, gathering things from all over the house. In addition to toy tools, real tools like a tape measurer and paint brushes were added to the mix. Also included were ropes, tent stakes, chalk, old cell phones, an aquadoodle mat and a timer to name a few. The old cell phones and timer seemed to be the biggest hits as they could talk to each other in deep construction work voices and tell each other to hurry before the timer goes off or some huge disaster would befall them. Not sure where they’ve gain their concept of construction workers but it’s amusing. My favorite line? “You’ve got to finish painting that before the time goes off or the pizza man will be fired!” Huh?

We’ve done this a few times now and I must say the best part is all the time I get to catch up on house work while they’re occupied.



3 responses

12 08 2008

What a fun stage you set for the construction site to take place! Sounds like some pretty serious work/play going on over there! If you lived closer, I would give them a fax machine to manage their many competing bids!!!

13 08 2008
painted fish studio

how fun! kids have the best imagination. i miss having that sense of anything is possible…

16 10 2008

just grab a pack of coloured pencils or crayons and buy some cheap nice stencils and see where it can take you

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