Needle Felting

13 08 2008

Warning – needle felting is incredibly addictive. I made these cards by needle felting wool roving onto rectangles of craft felt and then gluing to cover weight paper to make a set for Carolyne of Hmmmm Now Let’s See. Needle felting is just a process of stabbing a background a zillion times with a special needle that has a bit of wool roving on it. I really felt like I was just getting going by the time I was done. I can see with a little practice these could be quite nice. Using real wool felt for the backing would be fab as well.

Just in case you feel like poking something, here are my tips:

  • Don’t buy all the fancy gear. A $4 pack of needles and a thick synthetic sponge will do just fine.
  • Poke up and down, not at an angle.
  • Make sure to brush glue on, don’t put on in globs as it will soak through the fabric. I knew this before hand but I didn’t it anyway. Just call me lazy!
  • Practice makes perfect. After a while I felt like I was drawing with wool.

Must. Make. More. Soon.



10 responses

14 08 2008

Very, very nice! I’ve dipped a toe in with one of the softies I’ve made (a decorated elephant) and I know what you mean! I used wool yarn on a felted sweater and it turned out relly nicely. Keep it up!

14 08 2008

Yes, you must make more soon. Then, give them to me. ;) I love the tree with the wee bird in it.

14 08 2008
painted fish studio

very cool! i’d love to give it a try, i’ll add it to my list of things i never seem to get around to doing!

17 08 2008

oh so pretty!!

17 08 2008

That is way cool! I have not heard of that before, I will have to give it a try!

be sure to comment on my giveway to win!

19 08 2008

Very awesome, these would make really cool cards! Glad you had such fun with this – it makes my hand tired.

19 08 2008

Oh yeah, almost forgot – I nominated you for an award. Go to my blog for details. And I never put pressure to participate, just wanted you to know you were honored!

19 08 2008
kathleen codyrachel

HI- I love the idea of cards & atc cards as well–I’ve just started and you are sooo right I am addicted quite happily–I’ve done a couple of eyeglass cases but want to do pictures-I’m a watercoulorist & photographer & hats & mittens & scarfs & my SO if he’d stay still long enough!! next a blog another exciting idea!!
keep happy & all the beautiful pieces coming-

23 08 2008
Jen b


26 08 2008
Jenny @ a latte talk

Oh my goodness, Anna. You’re amazing! I could not make anything so pretty if you paid me to do it! Beautiful!

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