14 08 2008

I’m off for vacation on Saturday for a week. We’re just going to my parents with a couple stops on the way down. It’ll be good to be away from my day job and my dirty house. It’ll be good to be with my sisters and parents. It’ll be good to stare out over the corn fields.

But the real purpose is my baby sisters memorial. It hangs out there, looming. My hopes are that we can do some healing this week. Time will tell. I think the new puppy my parents got last week may help us along that route. I can’t wait to touch his soft puppy fur. We’ll see if I stay away from the computer. It’s not a goal and I’m willing to bet I’ll at least have a puppy photo or two to share. I mean really, who can resist a puppy?




8 responses

14 08 2008

Safe travels to you!
Enjoy your precious time with your family!
Will look forward to seeing the puppy pic,

15 08 2008

Travel well Anna. My thoughts are with you and your family — enjoy the time together. :)

15 08 2008
painted fish studio

i can’t resist a puppy, that’s for damn sure! i wish you the best in the next week, hope there is healing and comfort.

15 08 2008

oh, I hope you have a good trip and find some comfort in being with your family.
Hi to your mom and dad for me.

16 08 2008
Anna Y

Hoping that there is peace and comfort for you and your family while you are away. Puppies (like small children) are great distractions. :D

17 08 2008

Hope your time away is comforting. Enjoy that puppy.

19 08 2008

I am praying as well for healing and togetherness for your family! Give that puppy a cuddle for me.

20 08 2008
Shelly G.

I am thinking about you and your family… Big hugs…

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