Ode to Jen

26 08 2008

Jen is so creative

Without her I’d be vegetative

I am in her debt

Without regret

For she sets us up

And fills the wine cup

For a crafty night

Full of laughter and delight

Never failing to inspire

Nor showing a hint that she’ll perspire

Forever a rock star she’ll be

I think we all agree

Here are some projects I did at Jen’s last pARTy. I got to do three different types of printing in one night, if you can believe it.

First, I finished off a freezer paper stencil. This one I actually started at home as Seth chose the subject matter and color (if you didn’t guess), Hubby drew the image and then I cut and painted the stencil.

Next up I tried my hand at creating an acetate stencil. Open book images for a library book bag. They ended up a little more in a diagonal pattern than I had originally desired. I was wanting something a little more random, but I’m still happy with it.

Lastly, I did some leaf printing on a dish towel.

I’m not completely hooked on textile printing. Seriously.



2 responses

26 08 2008
painted fish studio

ha! i love the ode to me! you are the first person to write such a poem, and you did a wonderful job!

i’m so glad you posted pictures of your work, i didn’t think my photos did anyone’s project(s) justice! and everything you worked on is just wonderful. seth’s t-shirt is really cool. and i love that you and steve collaborated on it. i hope you saved the original drawing, just in case seth’s love for garbage trucks spans a few more years! or, you never know, eleanor could go thru a garbage truck phase as well! :)

ps: just don’t smell my pits on pARTy nights. that will prove my ability to perspire.

27 08 2008

That garbage truck is fabulous. As is the idea for a craft night.

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