Leaf Printing Goes on the Road

27 08 2008

Printing at Jen’s last pARTy was so much fun that I took the show on the road. Bringing supplies to my parent’s house for a little crafty party with my two sisters and my mom. I narrowed down the options to just leaf printing as I was going to be driving the supplies 500 miles with all my other luggage for the week. I think I can speak for them when I say we all had a fabulous time. I really enjoyed seeing how different three sister’s and their mother could be for the same project. I mean there really wasn’t too many variables so seeing the incredibly different results was really neat. I supplied each person with two organic cotton unbleached flour sack towels, paint borrowed from Jen, a stack of newspapers, sponges and some disposable plates and utensils for color mixing. We took a walk through my mother’s lovely garden plucking leaves here and there then set to work. Since I’ve loaned out my brayer and my mom’s has mysteriously disappeared we tried at first to use rolling pins to ensure even coverage but soon abandoned them and just rubbed with out fingers. You can kind of see the technique here in the top left of our messy table shot:

We layered newsprint, towel, leaves (painted vein side down), newspaper and then rubbed our hands over the top. Here are the results for each of us, in order of age of artist (he he).

My mom’s:

I love how she used multiple colors on each leaf.

And a shot from above of her second towel so you can see each of the corners. Very cool.

My big sis’s:

Not only did she use multiple colors she over painted straight on the towel with the sponges. She also experimented with the ways she placed the ink on the leaf. She came up with some fun effects.


I concentrated more on the structure of the various leaves. I loved how varied they were.

My little sis’s:

She came up with some great color combinations and placements with fabulous results.

I can totally see doing this with Seth using tempera paints and paper instead of fabric. Maybe when he’s a bit older he could even do a t-shirt.

Putting on the little art party myself made me understand more why Jen doesn’t tend to do as much crafting at her pARTies and does more before or after the actual day. After getting everyone set up and going I got side tracked by the variety of leaves and completely forgot that I had wanted to make leaf people. Remembering only after the towels were all used and everyone was going to bed. So I made these temporary little guys just to satisfy the thought for a bit. If I get over to Target for some more towels in the next couple days I’ll be making some more permanent versions up on Friday.




4 responses

27 08 2008
painted fish studio

wow! i love the multi-colored prints! those are very cool. but nope, i won’t do it. there are 5 projects on my workspace right now, and printing isn’t one of them…

i love the blue-grey you created, and the leaves used. i’m so glad all of you were able to sit down and create for a few hours! leaf people! great idea!

28 08 2008

Well, I can see what’s ging to happen at my house over the long holiday weekend…..it’s been rainy here and there are fabulous leaves everywhere!
You all got GREAT results-looks like it was lots of fun.

31 08 2008

Great post–your prints are wonderful

1 09 2008

Holy moly cow! Is your family tattooed with leaf prints too? They are all lovely, and the leaf people remind me of Elsita’s flower girls.
I think you should set your ‘Ode to Jen’ to music!

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