Sneaky Monkey Apron

1 09 2008

Looky what I got in the mail! Martha of Sew Fab Martha made me this great apron to commemorate her 100th post/anniversary give away. Can you see the silly monkeys in it? She did a wonderful job and I’ve worn it proudly several times already.  I’ve promised her I’ll get it messy but in truth I’d really like to keep it pretty for at least a month. So flour ok, tomato sauce not ok. At least for a bit. I’m not known for keeping things stain free, quite the opposite.

Funny how a lovely apron can make  you feel happy in the kitchen. I’ve been using the same one we bought during our first year of marriage back in the early 90s. Let me tell you, it’s not very flattering. Plain khaki chef’s style. Which makes this apron all that more special to me. I should have ironed it to get out the folds from mailing but I was too excited to show you. Check out how great she wrapped everything and the fun ephemera she sent with:

Just look at that detailing on the stitching! And her attention to detail didn’t stop there, I love that she placed three sneaky bug stickers on the postal package. She also remembered my affinity for old photographs of children. She probably doesn’t know this but I’m half Polish, so the Polska bug stamp is very fitting. Seth and I have already come up with a plan for that tissue paper and the stamps. The little 1948 issue of Every Girl’s Magazine is really a treat too. There’s even an article about coloring your own photograghs which has always intriqued me. She knows how I like to play with my pictures.

Thank you Martha!!



3 responses

1 09 2008

Oh, you are very welcome, Anna!
I am so thrilled to see that you loved every fun detail included in your parcel! That little Every Girl’s magazine, reminded me of a 1948 version of your blog!! Thank you for all the gushing! That makes my day!
P.S. Impressive macro photo of the stitching!!!

2 09 2008
jen s

wow, beautiful apron! martha is so cool, and sends out the best ephemera packets! you are a lucky girl!

2 09 2008
Jenny @ a latte talk

REALLY cute apron! I use an apron a lot when I’m cooking.

I love(d) it, but now that I see yours, I don’t like mine so much anymore…

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