Yet Another Ferris Wheel

2 09 2008

Are you tired of seeing all the state fair ferris wheels yet? You can’t deny they are fun to photograph. This one is the result of blind photography. That’s the downside of today’s point and shoot digital cameras with no viewfinder. If the sun is too bright you just can’t see what you’re taking a pic of. Turned out pretty good for doing it blind, eh? I mean I’ve seen better but those photographers could probably see what they were taking a picture of and line it up.

On a related topic, I maybe, quite possibly went insane yesterday. I already had perfectly good Labor Day plans, why did I have to go and overdo it? Why? Because I just can’t say no to outdoor fun. Seriously. I have a problem. Here’s a rundown on our Labor Day shenanigans:

The neighbors called at breakfast saying they had free tickets to the state fair for us. Well, it was the last day of the fair and we hadn’t been yet. And I don’t just mean we hadn’t been there this year. I mean of the 4 of us in our family, I’m the only one that’s gone EVER and that was just for a couple hours, a couple years ago. So we went. From 10-1:30. Had a great time. Went through the animal barns, Eleanor’s favorite part:

Did the Little Farm Hands exhibit, my favorite part:

Seth and friends got to pretend to be farmers. They picked up feed corn, rode tractors, fed the chickens, gathered eggs, planted seeds, harvested veggies, fed and milked cows, fed sheep and gathered wool, picked apples and took it all to the farmers market where they got paid and then bought a little something with their proceeds. I loved the concept.

Then we rode the giant slide and the kiddy rides, Seth’s favorite part. Then finally we got some food, possibly Steve’s favorite part.

That sounds like enough for one day, doesn’t it? But no, not for us. We drove home, hopped on our bikes and road a couple miles away to meet a friend at a park for a blue grass festival. It was so nice to catch up with her a bit, but I was too tired and there were too many distractions what with my son bleeding all over the place from falling off the monkey bars. Not to mention all the people and music. It was all I could do to just stand there and gawk. Hopefully we’ll get together again soon.

Mind you at this point we still had to bike back home and feed the kids dinner. I also had managed to get a blister on top of my foot from my chaco strapsm something I’ve never done. Heavens it was quite a day! I don’t regret it, but next year I’ll do it a bit different. Like, say, take a couple days to accomplish it all.



4 responses

2 09 2008
painted fish studio

eeks! the end of the summer is for relaxing, not going nuts! :)

3 09 2008

I agree with Eleanor. The goats (and all barns) are the best part of the fair.

3 09 2008

Geez really Anna, what were ya thinkin? I did see one small gap in the day where you should have crammed in a family reunion or a pick up game of softball! Slacker……..: )

3 09 2008

I don’t think I will ever tire of photos of amusement rides! Which is pretty interesting since you won’t catch me ON one of them!
Looks like a great kid-friendly fair!

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