My New Toy

9 09 2008

So Martha’s got me all excited about TtV. TtV stands for Through the Viewfinder and is basically when you take a picture with one camera through the viewfinder of another camera. I really want to try it, but first I needed to find an appropriate camera. For those of you that don’t know, my parent’s home is a treasure trove of goodies. I inquired about this Rolleicord I remembered and found it tucked away on a shelf. Here’s a triple exposure shot of me taken in the 70s in Tennessee. Most likely my dad took it with this camera:

Hubby thinks it’s creepy but I like it. The photo is a little crisper in person but still has that ghostly look to it. Like how I did a different pose for each shot? I might have been coached.

The camera was fairly dusty but it cleaned up well. There’s still a roll of film in it, if you can believe it. My mom also pulled out 4 rolls of film from the fridge dated between 1971 and 1989. I realize there a good chance it won’t work but honestly how can I not give the old film a chance? Not only may I be able to take some fun real film shots but what about the half a roll of film that’s been sitting in there all these years. There could be some gems on there. But first…… I need to read the manual as I’m still a bit baffled by the available settings.




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9 09 2008

Oh my goodness! What a beauty of a vintage camera!
And I think it is soooo awesome that it was your dad’s and took photos of your family! What a great heirloom! You are the ‘keeper of the camera’ now!
I love the B&W photo of you,…. is it entitled “Three Sneaky Bugs in B&W”?
Let me know if you need any help with your contraption. I really just followed that guy’s instructions and punted from there! You may be busy taking film in to be developed for awhile! Can’t wait to see your photos! Have fun with it!

10 09 2008
Anna Y

Wow. Neat camera. I never owned a proper camera until Christmas last. I’ve only ever had disposables and have always been disappointed with my results… Still it is a neat camera and I am looking forward to seeing what photos you take.

10 09 2008

OH MY GOD! That is so cool! I can’t wait to see your photos and hear about the process!

10 09 2008
painted fish studio

how fun! i really can’t believe what your parents have stored. digging thru their stuff must be like being on a treasure hunt!

10 09 2008

how totally exciting!! Can’t wait to read about your adventures with it!

13 09 2008

Okay dam*** you two (you and Martha) have got me wanting one of these or I may have to buy a holga or diana camera. My wish list is getting unmanageable…..

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