10 09 2008

Ever since I got my new apron Eleanor has been fighting me for it. Seriously. It was bad enough the other night that I had to improvise with a kitchen towel and a binder clip. Thankfully, it kept her happy for the rest of the night. (This is the face she now makes as a joke every time I pull out the camera and say smile. She thinks she’s hilarious with her eyes and nose all scrunched up.)

We picked a yellow summer squash from the garden for stir fry and Seth informed me that he can cut the veggies as long as he uses a “butter knife”. Did I tell him this? I’m really not sure but we gave it a shot. I sliced up the squash and let him dice away. He enjoyed himself immensely. The skin of the squash was mighty tough, both before and after cooking. Either that summer squash had been on the vine way too long or it wasn’t really a summer squash. Wouldn’t surprise me as my 4 pack of jalapenos from the same garden store turned out to be one jalapenos and three tomato. Oh well, back to the positive. It was a lovely night and so magical that the whole family could join in the fun.

I want more of these nights. But one thing’s for sure. We all need aprons, not just me. Maybe I could win this one from Green Kitchen for Seth and make a 2nd one up using her tutorial for Eleanor. Of course that all depends on me finding a good wool sweater or two at the thrift store. Any locals know of good thrift shops for sweaters? Oh, and I still need to get the sewing machine in for a good cleaning and tension adjustment.

Now for the pop quiz – who can guess what’s wrong in the picure of hubby and Eleanor cooking? (other than the general ordinariness of the shot)




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10 09 2008
painted fish studio

ha! i think i know! but i won’t ruin the fun. i’ll send it in an email…

i hope you make some aprons! it’s so fun that everyone seems to want one. that should be the kick in the pants to get your sewing machine up and running!

10 09 2008

I like that face eleanor makes:)
I like savers (the one in richfield/bloomington area) by target for sweaters.

10 09 2008

Late night dining at it’s finest?

11 09 2008

maybe it’s stirfry for lunch?

11 09 2008

Goodwill in St. Paul (University and Fairview), Savers on Lake and ARC in Richfield are my favorites.

11 09 2008

look at that cute little face…perfect :)

11 09 2008

Yep, it’s the clock. We were not cooking at 11pm or am. It was about 5:30. Apparently I need to replace the batteries.

12 09 2008
Anna Y

At least Eleanor was happy with a tea towel. :D She’s not even happy with the junior version I made especially for her. Nope she NEEDS mine. Love the camera face.

13 09 2008

Eleanor is hilarious and the cutest!!

14 09 2008

I think grandpa has some sweaters that may work. I guarantee we have something somewhere in this big ol’ house full of goodies that should do the trick.

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