Random Artist

11 09 2008

We were having a high class dinner at Denny’s for kids eat free night when this random guy asked for our kids names, then handed us these drawings and walked away. We noticed him doing this several times around he restaurant with other families. Steve thought it was a bit creepy and maybe it was a little. However, I think he’s just a lonely guy who likes to sketch faces.




5 responses

11 09 2008
painted fish studio

wow, it is a bit weird, but he is really good! the drawings do look like seth & eleanor!

12 09 2008
Anna Y

Lovely sketches of your pair, but will agree that it is definately a random weird. It’s not as though people are pushing you away from the stroller to take photos of your kids, trying to touch/hug them either as I have here.

13 09 2008

I had a friend in college who sketched at an amusement park as a summer job. He used to sketch a lot in the cafeteria too, especially in the fall — he said it became a habit after a while and helped him keep his “chops”.
At least your mystery sketcher didn’t keep the drawings for himself — that would be really creepy. He’s pretty good too…

14 09 2008
Jenny @ a latte talk

VERY good! It WOULD creep me out, I think… sweet, though, really…

17 09 2008

They look great! It’s an unusual experience for sure, but doesn’t seem sinister at all.

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