Behavior Modification

16 09 2008

Try this on for before and after shots. Above, a mischievous little smirk. Below, the result of sucking on a vinegar and water covered paint brush.

I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post, but the beauty of making your own liquid watercolors is you don’t have to worry if they try to eat it. And it only took a couple tries before Eleanor decided she was not a fan.




7 responses

17 09 2008
Mariah@Playful Learning

That picture makes me giggle…thanks for sharing.

17 09 2008
painted fish studio

that’s so funny in a mean sort of way!

17 09 2008

Lesson learned, kiddo… and man, she’s beautiful. Look at those eyes!!

17 09 2008

sigh… mine eats lemons so she’d probably keep sucking up the vinegar.

17 09 2008
Anna Y

:D I am all for the behaviour modification!!

18 09 2008

I know that it’s all cute and everything but I start to freak when I read things like that! Dan and I are slowly talking about having a baby (like in a year or two) and I don’t know anything about baby eating paint brush or homemade paint! Oh!!!

20 09 2008

The vinegar face – lol!

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