September 19, 1992

18 09 2008

What I was doing 16 years ago:

I still can’t believe he asked me to marry him.



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18 09 2008

Happy Anniversary, Anna!
What a sweet bride you were. I especially love the champagne shot! You look so exuberant and happy!
Thanks for sharing your photos, and have a wonderful anniversary weekend!

19 09 2008
Anna Y

Happy Anniversary!! :D Looks like it was a fun wedding. Thank you for sharing and here’s to the next 16 years. :D

19 09 2008

Happy Anniversary! The photos are really great….

19 09 2008
painted fish studio

congratulations! you 2 look so young! it’s fun to look at the pictures. i hope you have a wonderful evening together.

19 09 2008

Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary!

19 09 2008

I agree with jenn -so fun to see the pictures:)
happy anniversary to you both.

19 09 2008
Jenny @ a latte talk

AWWWW…. Great pictures!

20 09 2008

Happy Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you are having fun. Maybe he still can’t believe you said yes, and 16 years later you both feel like the luckiest people ever!

29 09 2008

I especially like that hot Eskimo in the tux :) What a fun day!!! Glad you’re still in love after all this time!!!! You still need to send me the picture I took at your parents house of us together!!!!!!! Send ASAP!!!!!

19 09 2010

beautiful ! thank you for sharing your pictures with us. happy anniversary to the happy couple. xoxo

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