Campy Not Crafty

22 09 2008

I haven’t been feeling crafty lately. Too much to do in too little time to do it, and I’m not even talking about craft desires. Not to mention I feel like all the clutter is going to fall in on me. There’s just not enough space in this little house for me to breath. I really need to do something about the situation.

There is good news however! I had set three goals for my family at the beginning of summer – go biking, go kayaking and go camping at least once. I am proud to announce, mission accomplished! The biking was a breeze to get in. And once we got out, we went again and again. Kayaking was a little harder as this is our first summer with our own boat and we weren’t quite sure were to go that was quick and easy. We did get out, but I wish we had gone a few more times.

Camping on the other hand was elusive. Every time we tried we were somehow thwarted. Mostly it had to do with scheduling and to a lesser extent the weather. This last weekend I wasn’t going to let anything stop us. Even when we realized our camp stove had a big leak. Even when the first campground we stopped at was full. Even when Seth threw up in the car. Several times. I won’t go into detail about Eleanor’s diapers either. We made it anyway and I’m very happy we did.

Although it did cause another pile of stuff to clean up in the living room. And the laundry! Good golly, the laundry! (See more photos of the trip here.)

Did you accomplish your goals this summer? Are you ready to move on to fall? I know I’m ready for the slower pace fall brings.




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22 09 2008

Yikes, give me a few minutes to get over the idea of messy diapers and camping!

23 09 2008
Anna Y

Your camping trip looks like it was a lot of fun. Hmmm no chance of a slowing of pace here as it is ALWAYS summer (some of the seasonal stuff would be lovely..). But I did achieve what I sort to do at the beginning of summer, see more of Singapore, make friends, and help CT make friends, all thanks to the awesome online playgroup. :D

23 09 2008

I commend you on not turning around after he threw up the FIRST time.
I laughed when I read your line about fall and slowing down….I feel like we just ramped up even faster. at this pace we’ll turn into a centrifuge in about 3 years…

23 09 2008

Whew, you make camping sound like a whole lot of fun -NOT!! Just teasing we are heading out for a couple of camping weekends in October. I dread the packing and setting up camp, but once we are there and settled it’s always the best. And I’m with Martha laughing about the slowing down – Ha! My house is threatening to cave in on me as well, time for some serious decluttering! Good luck with yours.

23 09 2008
painted fish studio

i get a big FAIL on my goal to get exercise. but there’s always tomorrow, right? i am actually ready for fall, it’s become one of my favorite seasons in the last few years…

23 09 2008

Mostly I don’t know how we did everything we did do when you were growing up. It’s mind boggling. But now that I have less to do, I’m having a hard time organizing and prioritizing what I do do.

23 09 2008

Okay, I will answer the question now!
I am not particularily wired for goals, being much more of the go with the flow kind of gal!
I bought a new camera and committed myself to learn how to use it, and have read just about every book in the library on photography and took a million photos this summer.
I committed to a friend to work on a round robin quilt, and just need to finish the final layer! Almost done.
And speaking of reading, I read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, which was a committment to around 1000 pages!
I did not meet my exercise goals or my home improvement goals, so I will put a bit more focus on those this fall!

24 09 2008

Are you sure you weren’t talking about my house-the clutter swallowing you that is! I can’t even think about doing a project these days because it is such a mess around here. I don’t see how to get through those big decluttering to clean projects with just the day to day that needs to get done, even with out a project to blog about! My in-laws are coming to stay with my kids in 16 days for a whole week-that has got to be my motivation! PS-I love camping!

24 09 2008

My only vacation goal was to set up a tent — in our own backyard– and we’ve failed, rather pathetic, actually. I’m darn impressed you managed to do all three. Who cares what the house looks like when you’re having fun??

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