Stump Art

29 09 2008

Not only do I love the name “stump art” but I thought it was a pretty darn cool idea as well. While at the the arboretum we ran across these stumps perched on a picnic table. They were cleaned of all dirt and completed covered in items found in nature along with colorful nylon cording. There were buckets of bark, pine cones, branch cross sections, leaves, sticks, rocks and more nylon cording with a couple pairs of scissors sitting nearby. A sign was posted encouraging any passerby to add their own touch to the piece.

I loved how interactive it was. Seth did too. He loved cutting pieces of cord and hanging items from the stump’s many outstretched roots. I had to help him with tying the cords but the placement was all him. He also enjoyed rearranging rock piles others had placed there as well.

Some items were carefully placed and some were tied down with the cording. Eleanor was more interested in moving items from one bucket to the other. I assume that they clean off the stumps every once in a while refilling those buckets. The fact that it is ever changing makes it that much more intriguing.

As I don’t have a spare stump lying around and have no hopes of obtaining one in the next year here’s an idea that I’m playing around with for our backyard: a wall of tree branches. If I can convince my husband, I think it would be fun to lash several branches to a section of our cedar fence with jute or sisal twine. Then when we go for nature walks we can collect items to add to the wall. Although the brightly colored nylon string on the stump art at the arboretum was fun and enticing for Seth I’m thinking we’d use more jute or sisal to both keep the cost down and keep with the more natural look. Now, I just need to find some good branches…




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30 09 2008

Looks like Attack of the Silly String up there! I think I’d go with some sisal or jute too. Neat idea, as there’s only so much room inside for nature bits and things like snow and ice are better off outside anyway.

4 10 2008

Love this!! I may have to try this soon!!

24 10 2008
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