A Day On The Farm

4 10 2008

Today was my CSA’s Harvest festival. There was old time music, a potluck, farm animals, horse pulled hay rides and like minded individuals. My parents even got to join us. There is nothing like seeing where your food has been grown to make you feel more connected to the earth.

The downside? I’m terribly sick and couldn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. Especially since my son also felt sick and spent the majority of the day in my lap. Tomorrow’s my birthday. Maybe things will make a turn for the better.

Details about the images and a few more pics in my flickr if you’re interested.



3 responses

5 10 2008

It looks like a beautiful day anyway.
I’m sorry you are sick -it’s so hard to be sick when we are having such wonderful weather. I know firsthand….
And Happy Birthday! I have a little something for you and I’ll bring it next Wednesday.

5 10 2008

Saw the sack photo on your flickr! Great picture, you need to add it to Flare Fridays, and Beautiful Clotheslines, and On the Wire. And Happy, Happy Birthday and many wishes for feeling better! Hope you get spoiled by your family!

5 10 2008

Happy Birthday, Anna!
We ALMOST stopped by to see you today!
But instead, we raced through the airport in record time to make our connection! Exciting run, they closed the door behind us, and took off! No time to spare!

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