Pinecone Elf Abode

5 10 2008

Today’s my birthday. Wanna know my birthday wish? I wish for all the wood necessary to make this pine cone elf house. It’s another treasure we found at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Seth says “well, actually, it’s a pine cone playground”. It’s true that there are swings and slides for the elves but there are also beds with nightstands. So who’s right?

Seth’s favorite part was the pulley transportation system and Eleanor’s was the table and chairs.

Mine? It was simply the details. I’m still in awe.




6 responses

5 10 2008

Well, Happy Birthday! and I wish you many more tree trunk rings! :)
The elf house is fabulous. Those little ladders — ack! I must make those.

6 10 2008

Happy Birthday Anna!!! Mine’s on Thursday. Libra’s rule. :)

6 10 2008
painted fish studio

happy birthday, a day late!

6 10 2008

Bonne fête Anna, bonne fête Anna…bonne fête… bonne fête…bonne fête AAANNNNNAAAAA (our french happy birthday song)!
So so so cute! A pine cone elf house. I would love to have one but it would be for gnomes! We have a lot of gnomes in my loft and they take our socks, pens and other small things (!) so if they have a house maybe they will be nicer with me and my husband ;) (yes, I’m stupid!!!)

6 10 2008

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Anna!
And I hope you had a bit of time to feel as special as a pinecone in a burlap hammock! :)

3 12 2009
pink and green mama MaryLea

I love this!! It looks like a giagantic version of the fairy house my husband and I built for our girls last Christmas — I would LOVE to figure out how to build one like this for them in our backyard!! : )
pink and green mama

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