The Best Jungle Gym and a Wrap Up

8 10 2008

One of the most simple children’s play areas at the arboretum was a tree that had been cut down. It’s trunk and main branches had been cut into rather large sections and left rather haphazardly for the kids to play on. They enjoyed climbing, balancing, and pretending sections were various vehicles. I mean what kid doesn’t like to climb a tree? And the fact that the tree couldn’t be hurt and the children couldn’t fall too far made it all that much better. If you have a tree to cut down and children running around, why not give this a try?

Well, this post concludes my woodsy arboretum segment.  Quite a few of the items in these posts came from a little area at the arboretum called Under The Oak. Maybe someday my backyard will look like it:

Unfortunately, MY oak has a LONG way to go:

Here’s a look back at the posts:

What was your favorite? Mine is the pine cone elf house but I think I’m going to try and tackle the collage framework first as those materials will be the easiest to locate. I’ve been rather sick over the last week so it’s been fun to dream of these projects since I’ve barely even had the energy to knit. The farm visit was a nice break but I’m dying to actually get a project done. Maybe this weekend I’ll be up for some doing rather than planing. Cross your fingers!



2 responses

10 10 2008

what a great play area

28 04 2010

Hi- These photos are great! What a wonderful play space. Do you mind if I re-post some of your photos on my learning landscape blog? The arboretum does not have very good photos on their site and your are wonderful.

Please let me know what you think.

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