Prince of Fabric Glue

14 10 2008

On Friday I realized I needed a prince costume for Seth for a birthday party he was to attend on Sunday. Silly, as I had helped design the invites for this particular prince and princess ball about a month ago so I had plenty of warning. Friday was out as I had to work late, feed and care for children and I haven’t completely kicked this cold. So that left Saturday. Mind you we also had a pumpkin picking trip planned that day. Top it all off with the fact that my darling children have sent my sewing machine off to be tuned and tweaked as a birthday present. Therefore, sewing was out of the question. What to do? Fabric glue. Fabric glue is my friend. It always pulls through for me. So, taking the following supplies I whipped up a top fit for a prince:

  • One size small Champion sports shirt (like this one) from Target in green, of course
  • Gold fringe – 1/2 yard
  • Gold trim – 1 1/4 yards
  • Fray check
  • An iron on patch (with a royal lion and sequins)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Iron & spare cloth to use while ironing
  • Wide gold wire edged ribbon
  • Green medium width ribbon
  • 3 gold buttons

First I took the lion patch and ironed it on over the logo of the shirt. Easy enough.

Next up adding fringe to the shoulders. I cut 4 strips of fringe to the same width as from arm hole seem to neckline seem and fray checked the ends to avoid unraveling. This is where I remembered fray check and fabric glue are very easy but they need a lot of time to dry in between steps. This annoyed me but I dealt with it. I glued the strips of fringe, 2 per shoulder, just in front of the actual shoulder seem.

Following the same principle as the fringe I fray checked and glued gold trim along the hemline and cuffs. As I had given Seth the ability to choose between 3 fringes and 3 trims he was quite pleased with the results. I did need to use a few heavy objects to hold the trim down in places until the glue dried with wax paper protecting my dining table but in the end it held very well.

Finally, I hand sewed a gold lion emblem button onto each cuff. There just happened to be a few of these in the giant button jar I had previously conned my mother out of. Seth really liked these and insisted on a photo of them.

OK, shirt done, now on to the sash. The sash is really basic and won’t last near as long as the shirt which is not only made of better material but at least a size too big on Seth. I simply took some gold wire edged ribbon and tacked down a more narrow green ribbon in the middle with a few spots of glue. I then fray checked the very ends, folded under twice and glued in place. I then glued the two ends of the ribbon together, but that lasted all of 30 seconds once Seth put it on:

Fortunately, I had another button and simply used a safety pin to tack it all together. I should go back and use some thread so there isn’t any accidental safety pin poking. If I had it to do over again I would probably tack the sash down to the shirt as an active little boy found it a little annoying that it would fall off his shoulder when he jumped up and down several times. Go figure?

And what about Eleanor you ask? Well, why make a princess costume when you can buy a cheap but adorable winter outfit that includes a sparkly white tutu for only about $20? I did buy her some glitter covered shoes to match but she refused to wear them. And really, all she cared about were the pink balloons at the party anyway. Next year I’ll start making her dress up clothes.




4 responses

14 10 2008

Thanks for the reminder that my sewing machine is obscenely over-due for it’s maintenance!
It looks like Seth loved his costume, and would never know about the glued seams,…. until he gets older and reads about it in your blog!

14 10 2008

oh, the damage i could do, with just a bit of fabric glue…

seth makes a fabulous prince! if only he wasn’t 30 years too young for a girl needing a prince charming…

15 10 2008

This makes you the Queen of Fabric Glue! That’s amazing — I never even knew that stuff actually worked. Looks fabulous!

28 10 2008

he looks perfectly charming :) will he wear it again for halloween?

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