Kids and Photography

19 10 2008

My sister just sent these pics to me. Seth took them back in August with her camera. I remember telling him not to take pictures of my face. (I was in a mood.) I am of course biased, but I really like how they turned out. I’m enjoying watching the progression of his photography skills. He’s catching on much faster than me.




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20 10 2008
painted fish studio

great photos, seth! but i’m more fascinated with all of those gorgeous tomatoes, and wishing i had canned tomato soup this summer…

20 10 2008

Very fun perspective!
Love your photos, Seth!

20 10 2008

These are great. Love the whole composition, color, the pail, the skirt, etc. Nice job kiddo.

21 10 2008

Those are terrific photos, and I think it makes them more interesting when they are cropped that way – either by design or later in photo editing. You – in a mood? You must just show your good side on the blog…..

24 10 2008

Now that I’ve taken another peek I see the bracelet! Cool!

28 10 2008

a budding artist :)

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