pARTy Mobile!

27 10 2008

Of course, you all know that Jen rocks, right? Well, she put together a fabulous pARTy last Friday and this is the result of my handy work. I’d been thinking of ways to incorporate Seth’s artwork into something more than an ever growing pile of papers. As soon as Jen announced the project I immediately knew I wanted to use a few of his paintings. Perfect!

Art made from art. What could be better?

When I first mentioned it to Seth he was fine, but when the day came he almost had a meltdown. How could I possibly think to cut up one of his paintings? Such a mean mommy!

Needless to say he has now claimed this mobile as his own and it is hanging prominently in his bedroom. Click through to Jen’s site here to see the how to as well as other pARTy goer’s creations. It was a fabulous night with a fabulous group of creative women and one very fine pomegranate cake made by Jenn.




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28 10 2008

wow – whata great idea! wish I was near enough to come to pARTy. I love the idea of it

28 10 2008

i love this idea and have overflowing boxes of drawings … i think i’ll be copying your great idea! :)

28 10 2008
painted fish studio

the mobile really is fabulous, and looks great in seth’s room! i guess that means you’ll need to make another one, just for you. or to be fair, one for eleanor. thanks so much for coming! can you believe we’ve been doing this for 5 years?! i hope for more great pARTy ideas in the future…

28 10 2008

yours turned out beautifully Anna!!! i love how the colors stand out up against the blue walls of seth’s bedroom. jen truly does rock, eh?

28 10 2008

I’m so glad you liked the cake. Frankly, I was disappointed. Maybe because I was sober. I had Jen throw the rest away, shoulda sent it home with you for the kids!

29 10 2008

Only natural that Seth would claim the mobile. :D You did a great job and has me thinking of other ways of using CT’s scribbles. I agree whole heartedly with Annie, wish I was closer to join a pARTy and Jen definately rocks.

31 10 2008

This looks great! At first I thought they were CDs-but Seth’s art work..even better!

31 10 2008

My youngest is now in 5th grade so they don’t have a lot of art come home but when he was in 2nd grade, the art teacher got really smart and started scanning their art and then made a power point presentation at the end of the year for each kid. Took some work on her part but we parents all LOVED it!!! CD’s are even easier to store than paper. Just make sure to label it well.

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