Halloween Recap

2 11 2008

Halloween has now come and gone and all that’s left is sugar. I’m a big Halloween fan and use to make tons of themed food for the occasion. This year all I managed was decorating a bowl of dip with carrot peelings.

Costumes were easy this year however. I wore a bat costume I had made last year and Eleanor wore a bat costume I had made for Seth 3 years ago. To make the wings I layed the shirt out on top of the fabric as if the arm was raised and drew an outline of a bat wing to cut out. Baby bats wings are made from a nylon so I singed the edges with a match to prevent fraying and then I hand sewed them on. It’s hard to see but the baby wings have little velvet bats on them and mine have silvery moons and stars. For mine, I sewed the wings onto a black turtleneck and for the baby a zipper hoodie. The ears were easy peasy as fabric glue was again my friend.They’re simply craft foam stuck on the hood for her and a headband for me. Walla! Mama bat, baby bat and eh-hem an astronaut.

She didn’t like it one little bit. She wanted to wear the blue flowered hoodie. Argh! Fortunately, she got into the whole trick-or-treating thing and forgot about her outfit. In fact she wanted to keep going when her big brother tuckered out. Granted, I did carry her between most houses. But only so we could keep up with the big kids. Hence her pants riding up in this shot. Hopefully you can see the cute mary janes i bought her just for this occasion in the shot above because by the time we hit the streets she was in her old hand me down brown shoes.  Double argh!

Interestingly she has no idea that she brought home candy. Which, of course, rocks for me. And yet doesn’t at the same time.

Are you wondering about that astronaut? Well, it’s Seth of course. But it’s not just any astronaut, it’s a skeleton astronaut! Puzzled? Well, here’s the run down of Seth’s costume choices the week leading up to Halloween:

  • Saturday – astronaut
  • Sunday – prince
  • Monday – garbage man
  • Tuesday – skeleton
  • Wednesday – construction worker
  • Thursday – final decision – a skeleton astronaut

I mean, two costumes are certainly better than one, right? So he wore his skeleton pajamas under his astronaut costume. Can you see the shin bones on his knees? The pjs are two sizes too small.

Finally, I leave you with my favorite jack-o-lanterns I saw on our short trick-or-treating walk. Yes, those are carrots in the one’s ears.




7 responses

3 11 2008

Love the costumes. Not surprised about the args with Eleanor’s costume… CT is pretty determined about what she WILL wear (she has worn Dora the Explorer shoes to bed since Friday…). Deciding what costume to wear must be really exciting but difficult as well.

3 11 2008
painted fish studio

yay! sound like halloween was totally awesome for you and the kids…

3 11 2008

Probably the cutest bat I’ve ever seen….

3 11 2008

i love the progression of seth’s final decision on his costume…and e looks just as cute as can be!!! it was great fun to see you all again…thank you! xx

4 11 2008

Thanks for sharing your halloween highs and lows! Almost felt like I had you guys trick or treating at my door! And how simply creative is the idea of putting a jack-o-lantern face on your dip! I could have done that!!! :)

4 11 2008

ryder too had two costumes. he was a skeleton bat. gotta love it.

9 11 2008

Always love a good bat costume, and Halloween is the best because you can use safety pins, glue, velcro, etc. as long as it all hangs together for one evening. I always hated the fact that my kids would change their minds about 50 times. But I think the skeleton/astronaut is funny!

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