New Do for the Future President

8 11 2008

No, I don’t mean that one silly! This one:

Warning – this post is fraught with poor photography.  Seriously. I’ve been trying to get a good picture of Eleanor’s new hair style for days, but she just won’t sit still and the light has just been horrible so these will have to do. There are several people waiting to see shots of this new do so I’ve decided to foist them on all of you.

Anyhow, little Miss E has been twirling her hair until it break off/pulls out and has essentially made herself bald on one side. I say this nonchalantly as this has been going on for a couple months and I’ve learned to cope. Here’s the before shot:

Yes, just the one side as she only does it when she’s tired and the other hand is busy, what with two fingers jammed in her mouth like so:

Other than a quick trim to the bangs once in a fit of frustration, Eleanor has never had her hair cut. Fortunately, I have a really good hairstylist (Melissa at Kids Hair in Highland, for you locals), who used to be my stylist and now just does kids hair. Personally I think she did a great job blending in the bald side while still keeping a girlish style. But my photos really don’t do it justice.

Hopefully having less hair back there will break the habit. I sure hope so anyway, as from what I’ve read the next step is to completely shave her head. Yes, I can see how that would break the habit, but I’m really struggling with the idea of doing that just before the holidays. And yes, we’ll be talking to the doctor about it at her next check up in a couple weeks to see if there’s anything else we can do. Wish us luck!




5 responses

8 11 2008

Aw, she looks so sweet! I like the new ‘do.

9 11 2008

wow your stylist really did do a fantastic job with miss e’s hair. shaving it off?? does sound drastic. :o ct isn’t like that but she was extremely follically challenged until she was 12 months. good luck at the check up.

9 11 2008

The haircut is adorable!
The only thing I could think of was having her wear a hat and mittens. I am aware that this would last ….. 10 seconds!
Hoping she breaks the habit with that cute cut!

10 11 2008
painted fish studio

good luck! the new hairdo is really cute.

22 11 2008

If you shave the other side and leave it long in the middle, she could have a better mowhawk than my kid. ;)

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