Photo Meet-up

9 11 2008

On Saturday I got together with some Flickr friends for an afternoon break of cupcakes and photography.  It was dreamy. I was going to resist the cupcake portion but one can only look at a table full of cupcakes for so long, no?

Pick out one of your own here. The conversation was just as nice as the treats. How could it not be with Martha, Sarah, Dana, and Julia? I’m sure we looked pretty comical; five women all taking pictures of cupcakes. I felt the silliest of all sitting there with my Olympus Stylus 1030 dinky point and shoot, surrounded by REAL photographers with REAL cameras. There were digital SLRs galore, rented ginormous lenses and vintage Polaroids. Although I had plenty of jealous moments, the session did make me realize that I still have some learning to do with my point and shoot. I should focus, pun intended, on mastering the point and shoot before whipping out the credit card for the SLR.

After the yummy cupcakes at Cupcake, we headed to Art + Architecture next door. It’s a nice little architectural salvage place. A little pricey but most such places are. We’re pretty sure the people who work there thought we were nuts. I guess I would wonder too if five women seemingly randomly walked in to my place of business and started photographing everything in site. At any rate, you can see a few of my shots on flickr, but here’s my favorite shot of the night.

I hope that we get together again so I can polish my point and shoot skills. Maybe by next time I’ll figure out how to use my Rolleicord. Even if neither of those items pan out I’d still enjoy the company.



5 responses

10 11 2008

I can say with certainty that owning a SLR does not equal being a real photographer. I have a boat load of crap-tastic photos to prove it. I agree that we should do it again soon – can’t beat the company!

10 11 2008
painted fish studio

it looks like everyone had a lot of fun and took great shots! wish i could have been there. maybe next time!

11 11 2008

the photos look great but agree the last is swoonable. looks like you had fun.

11 11 2008

Hey I wanna go to Cupcake, yum-o!!! So when I scoot down there in a few weeks for turkey day, lets go over there, you don’t mind having to taste yet a different cupcake, do you?? I think ma and pa would love it too… even Digger, hmmm, maybe not. Love ya!

18 11 2008

What fun, and judging by the last photo you are a little too critical of yourself and your point and shoot – look you got bokeh in that last photo, and I’m pretty sure that makes you nearly professional!

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