Etsy: Painted Fish Studio

11 11 2008

A couple weeks ago I went shopping in Jen’s dent and scratch bin. She’s probably a little peeved at me for leaving money behind. But really, look at this goodness. Most of them have some tiny flaw making them unworthy for sale in her eyes. However, many of the supposed flaws I can’t find. Either way, I’m still willing to give them out as Christmas gifts. Ummm… or maybe selfishly keep a few for myself.

Looking for journals, photo albums or other paper goodies? Check out her shop.

(Yes, I completely ripped off the look of this post from Jen herself. But she can’t very well feature herself now can she?)




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12 11 2008
painted fish studio

dang girl, is this your haul?! i’m laughing out loud! (can’t bring myself to say lol.) i couldn’t figure out why there was more money left behind than i had expected to see… oh dear. so much for me and my wine habit…

sweet! i am so happy my “scratch and dents” will be finding new homes. you know where to find more. :) i hope you do keep some for yourself!

i’m still laughing…

12 11 2008

I think Jen SHOULD do an etsy post on her shop as a joke. How funny:)
I want one of the camera print books on craft paper -I keep forgetting to ask her if she can do that….

12 11 2008

What a fabulous haul indeed!
Sounds like it was a win-win situation for the both of you! :)

12 11 2008

:D ha ha ha ha ha but wow are those defective?? how?? definately a great haul. i have also done the rip off/sheep thing. joined in on her colour scavenger hunt!! :D

18 11 2008

So darn jealous that you have access to her scratch and dent merchandise!

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