Grey or Gray

14 11 2008

So do you spell it grey or gray? Just taking a survey. I alternate spellings, constantly thinking my first choice is wrong. Turns out they’re both right.



8 responses

14 11 2008

You mean there is a choice?? You mean Australia is backward?? You mean I didn’t have to correct grey misspelt goodness only knows how many times, I needn’t have bothered??? The mind boggles. The shot I am loving.

14 11 2008

I always spell it grey. For some reason it looks better to me that way.
I love both these shots.

14 11 2008

That always gets me too. I’m a gray girl. With an “e” it feels too gloomy.

14 11 2008

Your shots make me feel gray/grey…

14 11 2008
painted fish studio

i like to use grey, and i am really getting sick of it! sun on sunday, maybe?

14 11 2008

I’ve always felt grey was the more formal or English way. Gray is definitely more american. So when I’m writing something and I want people to think I’m smart, I use grey. When I’m just me, I use gray.

15 11 2008

I love the color/colour and choose the spelling depending upon the subject matter. Elephants, for example, are grey. But a gray sky is a wondrous thing, and I’m lucky here in Washington as we have so many of them!

18 11 2008

I’m like you I go back and forth, and always wonder if I’m spelling it correctly!

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