16 11 2008

Upon hearing that my friend Martha had a pattern and an article in the new magazine, Stitch, I ran out and bought one right away. I had just gotten my sewing machine back from being worked on and that seemed like a great way to celebrate. Unfortunately, before even reading it, I spilled my tea over the whole thing. See the wavy pages along the top?

How ironic is it that my tea had been in a mug Martha had given me once upon a time?



6 responses

17 11 2008

Freaky that Martha’s cup spilt tea all over the mag. May be it was excited to reunited?? So your machine is back now?? Sweet!

17 11 2008
painted fish studio

yay! you can make me clothes! :)

18 11 2008

I must be getting senile. I don’t remember giving you that mug….

18 11 2008
Lorraine Teigland

How did you stay sane without a sewing machine? I have a backup machine in my closet for such situations of deprivation as this. I don’t think that’s normal but then again, I have addiction issues. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment – I really appreciate it. Yes, I’m quite sure you’ve guessed right! Am going to do a post on that very Mysterious Thing this week and going to link to you. So check back later to see it!!!

18 11 2008

I’m going to sit back and watch you sew clothing, although seeing that magazine makes me long to try!

21 11 2008

I went to a big magazine store (in Montreal) and it was not there. Maybe I can order it my Internet? Do you know?

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