the little red fish

25 11 2008

Not much creating going on here. Between my day job, my husbands day job, keeping up with the kids and now family visiting for Turkey week there simply isn’t time left. And yes, it’s Turkey WEEK not day around here. My parents arrived today, one of my sisters tomorrow. I expect to have guests into the beginning of next week. That said, it hasn’t stopped me from reading to my son, including this fabulously illustrated, magical story. The little red fish is written and illustrated beautifully by Taeeun Yoo. It’s about a young boy in a library whose imagination takes him on a grand adventure with his pet fish. Our copy is from the library but I do believe we need to buy this one. It’s that good. Seriously.

I love the story, but the illustrations take it to another level. Taeeun’s imagery is wonderful and she hides clues in the pictures that Seth loves to look for. I adore that there are a few pages without words. It encourages my son and I to talk about what’s going on vs me just blabbing away at him.

Do you have or know a child ages 4-8? Buy this for them for Christmas. You won’t be dissapointed.




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25 11 2008

Ooo, mine’s 2 but *I* want that for Christmas! I’ll share though…

26 11 2008

Do you already know of “Goodnight, Gorilla?” Most of it is without words, and there is a mouse and a balloon to look for all the way through. Marion always loved telling US the story.

26 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Anna!

26 11 2008
Sarah Thornton-Smith

If you enjoyed that book – look up Shaun Tan’s illustrative books … all the way from Australia. PS Thank you for your beautiful positively inspiring blogs – they put in such a motivating mood always … Sarah

26 11 2008
painted fish studio

i’m getting this for ME!

27 11 2008

i expected to read that reaction from, fish. ct needs this book. i don’t tend to wait for good books, i stash them for when she is older (actually most of the books in that when you are older pile are your suggestions). second the shaun tan recommendations. i like the one about the pirate rats best (but the name escapes me). enjoy turkey week. having lots of guests is hard work but bet you will enjoy seeing your family. :D

27 11 2008

ps i just tagged you…..

5 12 2008

Oooo- have put this on my wish list for my eldest. Thanks for the idea – am always happy to discover new good books for the kids. Thanks for stopping by the blog and the tip on where to buy oilcloth. A NEW fabric store is always exciting- must check it out, but after Christmas when there’s that cold lull before spring and not a lot to do. And yes, it’s unbelievable and tragic that I haven’t bought any fabric online before this – you’d think with 3 small kids, the internet is the way to go, but here I am lugging them all to JoAnn and (worse) SR Harris.

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