Ceramic Painting

6 12 2008

Have you been wondering what I’ve been up to? I hope so. I’d hate to think I haven’t been missed.  The answer is my day job. It completely took over my life over the last month or so. Seriously. I haven’t even bought OR made a single Christmas present yet. Yikes! It’s getting a bit on the late side for me to make much this year but we’ll see.

Normally, I hate to mix business with pleasure – i.e. my day job and my blog – but I did do one minorly crafty venture for my new team that I thought I would share. Inspired by Carina’s lovely tea cup, I decorated some water glasses for each staffer (including myself, of course). Starting with inexpensive ceramic tumblers from Ikea and some Procelaine 150 markers, Steve wrote each person’s name on one side of the cup. Steve wrote it because he has the nice handwriting, not me. Then I added my rendition of our company logo to the reverse side. Awe, husband and wife collaboration……. Anyway, after letting them dry for a day I baked them in the oven and wallah! instant customized beverage glasses. Apparently, my crafty mojo isn’t completely lost.

Next time I’m at Ikea, I think I’ll pick up some other mugs or cups and let the kids take the Porcelaine markers to them. A little classier than the old paper insert into the plastic cup don’t you think? Ooo! Decorating glazed flower pots would be kind of fun too!! Hmmmm…. What other glazed ceramics can I scribble on?

Update: Coincidentaly Jen did this same project this last week – check her’s out here! They’re way cuter than mine since she was doing them for holiday gifts vs. a work thing like me.



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6 12 2008

Oh!! If you do go to Ikea, then be sure to check out the kids section — we just picked up some mini mugs like yours along with cups, saucers and bowls for miss loodyloo. They are all tiny cute with pastel glazes (geh, but she loves it) and I had not thought to decorate them further, but you certainly could, I’ll bet.

Still looking for “the little red fish” — trying to keep it local this year — then my shopping is done. Crafting is never done. Glad you popped in to say hi!

6 12 2008

Ohhh, lovely glasses!! :D Thanks for the idea. Now all I have to do is find those markers. With yor tumblers, and Jackie’s fudge, that would make supercool Chrissie gifts for friends. :D

7 12 2008
painted fish studio

holy crazy! guess what i’m posting about tomorrow?! :)

8 12 2008

I thought I recognized that sun! Assuming you have started the new position, I hope it’s going well :)

8 12 2008

This project is on my to-do list! Are you and Jen like twins by osmosis or something? Just curious!

9 12 2008

oh what fun…the perfect quickie gift…thanks.

9 12 2008

I love this idea. I want to try it with the boys.

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