The Santa Years

11 12 2008

Went to see Santa on Sunday at Mother Earth Gardens.  It was a nice, low key, no lines sort of event. So much nicer than seeing Santa in the middle of a mall or standing in line for an hour or more at Macy’s. Granted the annual holiday display at Macy’s in Minneapolis is a site to behold, I just can’t stand the lines. This was better. It’s where we buy our Christmas tree and provided a no stress, casual santa encounter. The minute we entered Santa’s room Eleanor started bawling beyond belief and Steve had to take her out.  Seth was glued to my side at first but soon warmed up enough to give Santa his list:

  • A blue Lightning McQueen
  • A McDonald’s play set (I have no idea where he saw this but I can assure you I’m not getting it for him)
  • A take apart monster truck (again, not a chance)

Now this is where Santa got interested:

  • Volcanologist tools (as in a scientist that studies volcanoes)
  • A volcano making kit

Seth now believes that Santa has a brother who lived right by Mount St Helens when it erupted in 1980. Do you see the look of amazement?

Now where in the world am I going to find volcanologist tools for under $20 in the next two weeks?

Note about the pictures: Although they invite you to bring your own camera to take the pictures, the fact that Seth was never more than a foot from me and Steve was tending to Eleanor made this impossible. Therefore, I purchase the pictures you see here along with some others on a disc for $10 including all rights. I wish I had gotten the photographers name as he was really nice and I appreciate that he made sure to mention I could put these online or where ever. Oh, and Santa was wearing his red jacket when we got there. But he made Seth laugh when he took it off to reveal his santa pjs underneath.




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11 12 2008

I love it! I was like Eleanor — Santa terrified me as a child and then when I was older, I would walk up there and totally forget what I had on my “list”. I wonder if Creative Kids Stuff might have your volcanologist in a can kit…..

11 12 2008

Oh, and i got my nephew the take apart 4×4….. gulp.

11 12 2008

Hmm, I’m intrigued to learn just what a volcanologist carries around as tools — thermometers and seismic indicators?? — good luck with that one!
We’re low key about Santa too. I’ve never really understood the burning need for a formal mall Santa picture, but I like the natural poses you got from your photographer. Sometimes you just gotta be the mom and not the official picture taker!

11 12 2008
11 12 2008

maybe a take apart monster truck is a transformer. Too bad you don’t have a brother who was into transformers in the 80’s. Mine were but destroyed theirs :) Good luck. Daniel wants a cow bell. Yes-cow bell-as in “more cow bell”. His grandmother is a saint and getting it. I may not think she’s a saint after he figures out it makes a lot of noise. They are totally into Rock Band/Guitar Hero. They are too funny. Again-good luck!!

11 12 2008

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your family Christmas tree and Santa visit. Great story you’ll cherish.

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