Kid Painted Mugs

14 12 2008

OK, these were just about the fastest Christmas gifts ever! Honestly! And I think they turned about pretty darn tootin’ good too. While posting about my own recent experience with painting on ceramics I came up with the idea of having the kids make a few and vowed to pick up some mugs when next at Ikea. Well, silly me, I have a case of plain white mugs in my basement already! (Purchased for a party a millennia ago.) Eleanor’s are the yellow, Seth’s the blue. Here’s how it went:

  1. Washed and dried plain ceramic mugs.
  2. Set kids down at table with protective smocks as paint pens are not of the washable variety.
  3. Completely missed the step where I should have also protected the table top with a sheet of newspaper – oops.
  4. Got markers ready.
  5. Handed each kid a broad tipped Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint marker (can be found at Michaels, Dick Blick or other craft store – not sure how I missed these in the past).
  6. Stood back and let the creative juices flow.
  7. After, say 10 minutes, I cleaned the kids up.
  8. Let the mugs dry for a day and then baked essentially according to the directions on the marker packaging. Placed in a cold oven, heated to 300, baked for 30 minutes, turned oven off and let them sit in there until completely cool.

Other than forgetting to put some newspaper down, the only other thing that went wrong was that I let Eleanor see me push the tip of the marker in. Ya know, to get the ink flowing. She decided this was a necessary step in between every scribble. Silly me, at first I thought it was a good idea to let her practice drawing on paper. The yellow marker tip is now rather squashed.

And just how fast were these babies to do?

So fast, I couldn’t get any non-blurry photos.

I still want to do flower pots and I also think it’d be fun to do some ceramic tiles. Can’t you just see a bathroom with random children drawings spotting the tiled shower wall?

Oh, and the coaster? Made earlier today by Seth using Ikea’s Pyssla beads and shapes. You simply layout your design and then iron. Harder than expected (made Steve cuss a little), but turned out nicer than expected. I didn’t realize I could iron them until they completely melted, leaving virtually no resemblance to the original bead.




4 responses

15 12 2008

great mugs. :D sigh, those pens aren’t available in singapore yet. but it is on the must do with CT list. :D love the coaster (hmm while i live close to an ikea, one might grab some of those beads) and arg to killing pen nibs (so we only have the ikea variety here). also glad to know that i am NOT the only one who forgets to put down newspaper. :D though I find that ct loves to decorate that as well and sometimes the paint/watercolour (your recipe is so fab)/glue can seep through and arg it is on the table. need to get the vinyl clean again post haste!!

15 12 2008

Oh, I love the kid’s involvement that is captured on the photos :-) You could also try engravings on chalk (for a bit older kids I suppose)….!739C3146984CF352!264.entry

16 12 2008

oh, yeah…i’m ready to give these a try. the kids look like they’re having a BALL!! it was so great to see you. xx

3 01 2009

You’re brilliant! I always thought that if you wanted your kids artwork on ceramic things you had to send it away to a company, or make the mug from clay yourself. Soooo cool to know about these pens! I have been saving a pile of leftover tile for months now wanting the kids to make a border for our front door. I think it would look really cool with their drawings.

Oh, I have been guilty of forgetting the cover the table SO many times that we are thinking of re-sanding it and starting out all over again. I just fear that we’ll re-sand it and then the same exact thing will happen so maybe we’ll just let it build up until the kids are a bit older.

Thanks for the fab idea!

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