16 12 2008

Oops! Forgot to take a picture of a painted lighthouse photo I did at Jen’s last pARTy! And I just gave it away as a Christmas gift to a dear friend. At least I still have this one to show you. Though it is by far the poorer of the two. This a portion of a photo taken by one of my parents in the ’70s while on vacation in Door County. Using Jen’s techniques as before, I adhered the photo to a block of wood and highlighted the boats with paint. Rather hard to get a perspective here but you should know that it’s only about 2×3 inches. I had a hard time painting the boats as they were so tiny. I probably should have found smaller brushes. Oh well. I hadn’t even intended to do these two paintings only I was have a hard time getting my creative mojo on and was given other peoples scrap wood to work with. A few of my photos were there from the last time we worked on this project so I decided to go for it. Ah! It did the trick and I had a fabulous creative day with a bunch of kick arse women. I even got to use the wine basket my mom made me last year. I so rarely bring two bottles of wine anywhere but the basket worked so nicely maybe I’ll always bring two bottles from now on. The basket on the upper step? Handmade by a woman in Carlock, IL. Unfortunately, I don’t remember her name.




4 responses

17 12 2008
painted fish studio

wow, the sailboats really turned out beautifully! maybe we should do more of the smaller blocks of wood in the future…

your mom’s basket is so neat, and her many talents still continue to amaze me!

17 12 2008

Did you say your mom made that basket? I am impressed. When are they moving up here? ;)

17 12 2008

oh, it is so so good Anna!!

it was a great night. and you were slugging TWO bottles of wine eh? ;) so that explains it :)

18 12 2008

i love these boats!! um i can’t see anything wrong with them. wow your mum made the basket?? drool!!

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