Perpetual Calendar

12 01 2009

Photos courtesy of Photojojo.

OK, I can’t even describe to you how much I want to make this calendar. It’s made of photos clipped together and can be used indefinitely. I want to walk up and down University Ave finding numbers to photograph. Or if I’m smart, I’ll even enlist my son to help me locate all the numbers I need. Wonder if I can think of somewhere inside with way less snow that I can find a bunch of awesome numbers.

Anyway, you can find the how-to and the clips at Photojojo. If you like photography, you should definitely be signed up for their newsletter. Seriously. I swear to you every single email I get from them tickles my funny bone. Oh, and they have pretty good picture taking tips and projects too.

And for those polaroid peeps out there, check out this and this version of the calendar. Neat!

After thought: Doesn’t this project remind you of Jen’s Friday Letters? Any locals that wish to join me on a letter photo scavanger hunt are welcome. I’m thinking an antique store or architectural salvage place would be good.



11 responses

12 01 2009

Wow! Thanks Anna! What a great find. I love the calendar on the brick wall. I will have to check this out. Thanks for passing along.

13 01 2009
painted fish studio

wow, i’d LOVE to make one of these! great find! maybe it’s a project to work on in 2009, and ready by 2010 (doesn’t that sound like so far away in the future?).

13 01 2009

That’s the first thing I thought of – looks like Jen’s letter project! Yep this is going on my list of things to do too!

13 01 2009

Hey Anna – very cool! I want one too… Related: In the UK I found a great kids alphabet book made from pictures around London (but way way expensive). I was going to make one myself, but kept forgetting to pull out the camera (at that point I think I was tired of being the phototourist…). But I must believe that after the thousands of pics over the years, there must be an alphabet in there somewhere. Now for the TIME to rummage!

Can’t wait to see your calendar!

15 01 2009

omg, such a cool idea. I will try that…when it’s not -30C outside ;)

16 01 2009

my dear, you are also an ideas machine. need to get cracking on perpetual calendar and alphabet for CT. later in the year, may be we can do it together. also waiting for the idea of colours to sink in and start colour scavenging hunts of all sorts: junk mail, magazines, books (but not to cut up), around the condo, on public transport…. also would like to do one with a camera with her too. S’s dino digital camera (first generation to look like a camera) has been wrapped in bright birthday paper and will make an appearance on March 14th for a second b’day (omg someone put the slow mo on time for about 6 months, pleeeeze….)

16 01 2009

hey – this could be a cool collaboration project! As for an inside venue, what about Midtown Global Market. I think it sounds like a great escape from this crazy weather. Stay warm!

19 01 2009

cool!! i want one too…great, great idea…and thanks for the links too.

21 01 2009

Thanks for the link! This is so cool, I think I want one for my fridge… I should already be buying magnets :)

24 01 2009

This is great! I’m thinking address numbers in alleys would turn up some hard to find number sets.

8 02 2009
Mom and Kiddo

I love this! And my son who is a numbers fanatic would love to make it with me. What a great idea.

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