The Best Mom Ever

15 01 2009

Time for a little show and tell. I was not the handmade gift giving queen this year like I was, at least a little, last year. In fact I did not manage one single handmade gift on time. My mom and sister on the other hand… Well, as I can find time to photograph I’ll just simply have to show you. Here we have a doll my mom made from a pattern by Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls. I had intended on making one myself but by Thanksgiving it was evident to me that it wasn’t going to happen. My mom stepped up to the plate and didn’t she do a wonderful job?

From my mom’s description the pattern was well written. The hardest part were the eyebrows. The slightest difference and dolly became angry, sad, surprised… She figured it out though. Here she is in a vintage crib given to me by a friend and fixed up by my parents along with what I believe is a vintage marrimeko pillow from my childhood. (Correct me if I’m wrong mom.)

I’ll show you the before and after pictures of the crib someday soon. But first I have to figure out if I want a stencil or decal on the end panel.  Any suggestions for a 1950s metal doll crib? Of course, in my head I keep seeing the cute decal that was on it prior to painting. But it needed to sanded and painted. I just need to take a step back and think outside the box.

Eleanor did not immediately take to the doll like I had hoped.I knew that was a risk. But I can safely say she has now. My only hopes is that my mom sewed that hair in tight. At least I convinced Eleanor to use the comb over her brother’s hair brush.




8 responses

16 01 2009

that’s a great doll your mum made. :D good luck with making your own. my guess iss that it will be just as sweet. i also find doll features very difficult, so most of mine are amish (yeap a cop out…)!! :}

16 01 2009

so cute! your mom did an excellent job. love the dress especially, and the undies!

16 01 2009

I think your mom got the expression just right! Hope she doesn’t end up bald though! : ) Sweet picture of Eleanor combing her hair!

19 01 2009

Your Mom did a great job-she is sooo cute!

19 01 2009

good mothering must be hereditary, because you’re doing a great job yourself!

19 01 2009
painted fish studio

wonderful doll, and sweet to see eleanor playing with it.

19 01 2009

lovely doll, and yes, best mom ever. what a great gift for little e to have forever…i still have the one my grandma made me. as for the crib, i would vote for the decal…if you can find a way to duplicate it. or use something like this
how sweet is that?

27 01 2009

Hey, I just saw this doll on the KCL group on Flickr!

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