23 01 2009

I was recently lucky enough to receive a couple of prints from Sarah. Actually it was last month. I wanted to wait until I framed them to show you but I can’t wait any longer as she’s having a giveaway and I thought you should know. The photos I took of them are horrible but I wanted you to see how fabulously they go with my wall colors. The squash is for the kitchen, the pear for the dining room. It’s hard to tell here as it’s difficult for me to photograph photographs, but the shade of my dinning room wall matches exactly one of the gradations in the pear. Amazing. How did she know, as at the time she had never been to my house before? See much better quality images of these prints here and here, respectively.

Sarah sell prints of her Polaroids and I’m coveting her Astrid’s Flowers print to put up next to the pear. Sign up for her 200th post give away, purchase a print from her shop, or just go enjoy her flickr stream. You won’t be disappointed.



3 responses

23 01 2009
painted fish studio

oooo… i love the squash shot. somehow i missed that one! the pear is a favorite as well. i’ve been meaning to post about her fabulous work & new shop, but you’ve beat me to it!

23 01 2009

wowsers they do match your walls perfectly!!! hmm off to do some viewing on flicker while i stick pins in pin cushions….

26 01 2009

I’m feeling all verklempt that you posted about me. Seriously. I’m a little teary right now.

Thanks, friend.

(Also, did you see Martha’s finished hat? It totally has a green cast to it. There definitely ain’t no purple in there.)

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