Happy Blogaversary To Me!

27 01 2009

I’m so happy I could do this:


Give a devilish look

Very slowly bend knees (this was my favorite part, she was so deliberate and slow)


OK, so it’s not because it’s my blogaversary, though it is. It’s because my hubby replaced the annoyingly loud fan in my laptop!!!!!! Maybe I can actually enjoy being online again. One of the thousand reasons I’ve been a little absent from this site is that I could rarely hold out long enough to post. The whiring seemed to eat at me. Now it’s whisper quiet and I’m in heaven.




12 responses

27 01 2009

Aww, she’s adorable! Congrats on the blogaversary — looks like you had a nice sunny day to celebrate.

28 01 2009

Looks like a very fun blogaversary celebration breaking out over there!!! These are great photos!

28 01 2009

What fab fun. Wish we could have joined you. Happy blogaversary and here’s to many more. :D

28 01 2009

Congrats!! On both accounts. I have a loud whirrrrrrrrr too-with no replacement in sight. Enjoy!

28 01 2009

happy one year!
that went by fast….

28 01 2009

Yeah Three Sneaky Bugs! Congrats! And great pics of the wee one.

28 01 2009
painted fish studio

i can’t believe it’s been one year already! congrats!

28 01 2009

Loving all that snow love! Happy blog birthday to you! It’s my blog’s 2nd birthday today!!

28 01 2009
painted fish studio

oh, and love the photos of e!

29 01 2009

look at those eyes.. she makes snow look fun!

29 01 2009

Happy One Year!! What a journey and congratulations on the whisper silent laptop! Your pictures are phenomenal! What a cutey!

4 02 2009

Kudos to Steve for doing the ‘green thing’ and repairing your computer rather than replacing.
Kudos to Eleanor for being such a comic.
Kudos to you for your ‘Blogaversary’.
P.S. Actually I thought you were going to make a reference to our, Illinois’ famous Blagoyavich. not so. Thank you very much.

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