4 02 2009

Even before the latest Kids Craft came out I was wanting to do heart shaped sponge painting with the kids. But the issue of Kids Craft solidified it for me and motivated me onward. I had this idea that I could cut Eleanor’s down for her valentines cards and for Seth I could scan the painting for the backside of a matching game and have him sponge print on envelopes to put them in for his valentines. Uh, wrong. At least not this go ’round. It started out good:

But then Eleanor spent most of the time rubbing the paint off her hands. She detests “yucky” anything on her hands. Then she finally demanded a paint brush.

And Seth? Well it’s hard to be upset with the process when he ended up creating this masterpiece:

You see this is the first time he’s ever painted an image of something. In the past all he wanted to do was make a big purpley brown blob. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He just would always get bored and lazy about the process pretty quickly. But it was great fun to see him really thinking about what he was doing. Put effort into it. Enjoy it. Be proud of his accomplishment.

As you can see we really only ended up with one heart print per child. That’s certainly not going to cut if for a class of 12.  Maybe we’ll try again another day. Maybe we’ll do something different. Maybe we’ll just buy a box of premade cards. Who knows. It was on the early side for me anyway. I’m more of a last minute gal.



3 responses

4 02 2009
painted fish studio

i say success! i love the end result of painting sessions with kids. they usually end up as masterpieces that i wish i could duplicate!

7 02 2009

Oh yeah the best laid plans….but fun anyway. And look at you – smart enough to put Eleanor in an apron thingie. My kids always ended up with paint covered clothing and the table covered in paint.

8 02 2009
Mom and Kiddo

My son doesn’t show much interest in representation art, either. I think that is good, he doesn’t worry about making a “nice picture” but concentrates on the action of the art instead. I like your ideas.

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